Movers That Pack For You Dellwood, Florida

When moving houses, the average household relocates 7,400 pounds — nearly four tons — of stuff, and an eight-room home uses 100 boxes in the process. If you"re among thousands of people who have picked up and moved their family to a new home or a new community, you have fresh memories of some of the ups and downs or thrills or frustrations of moving. The luster and optimism of a new home quickly diminishes when you’re busy shoving your stuff in boxes so it doesn’t break on the way.

Unless you"re a minimalist, moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. A lot of moving in Dellwood, Florida generally takes place over the next few months, and while everyone"s experience and needs vary a little, a lot of the work involved in moving is the same no matter who you are.

Dellwood, Florida Movers That Pack For You

Why should I hire Dellwood, Florida professional packers?

When you look closely at your checklist, however, you may be shocked to find that packing is one of the most painstaking and trickiest tasks ahead of you that need to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. If cost is not an issue, then consider hiring professionals for both packing and unpacking. Hiring packers in Dellwood, Florida 34619 will save you time and energy, so you can focus on more important things – like working, taking care of your kids and preparing for the move. Besides, you should appreciate the peace of mind that your earthly possessions will be well protected from the moment they are wrapped up and placed in boxes until the entire shipment is delivered in your new home.

When you hire a team of professionals to pack up and move your belongings you get the added bonus of insurance if you choose to add it on to your package. A professional packing company always ensures to make use of best moving supplies and equipment so that all the belongings are properly protected and secured during the transit. Regardless of where you’re moving, you need to feel assured that your belongings are going to make it to your new residence in one piece.

How to hire professional movers in Dellwood, Florida?

Making a choice between Pinellas County, Florida professional movers is the first important step toward ensuring you will have a successful move. Research will help you narrow down your choices and enable you to have a firm list from which to choose. Once you’ve made a list of prospective movers, contact each company and get their full legal name and ‘doing business as" (DBA) names, the number of years in business, DOT and MC license numbers. Ring up the Better Business Bureau and your local department of consumer affairs to find out if any complaints have been registered against the company. Familiarity, a little research, and asking the right questions will go a long way in finding the movers that will best fit your needs.

Be sure to show them everything you want moved, including furniture, boxes and items that haven’t been packed yet so they can estimate the weight accurately. Before you sign the contract for an interstate move, consider hiring a lawyer to review it to get advice on how to respond if your moving company charges you unexpected surcharge or damages your belongings. A moving company, or oftentimes just a handful of strong people posing as a moving company in the classifieds, offer their moving services at ridiculously cheap prices—far below the competition.

Do I need to tip Dellwood, Florida movers?

Tipping remains a very personal choice dictated by many factors including service given, monetary concerns and particular preferences guided by your upbringing and experience. As a customer, you are entrusting all of your possessions, prized and otherwise, to people you may not even have been introduced to before they started taking your stuff and loading it into a truck. Good movers in Dellwood, Florida should always be rewarded for their services and if you keep the following suggestions in mind, you"ll be sure to find the right answer for your particular move.

While there is no “average tip", it is widely accepted that tipping amounts for movers range from 5% of the total bill to $20 per man. If you’re happy, let the workers know it by giving a tip to each one personally, along with a smile and a sincere thank you. It is certainly a good idea to check your belongings for any breakage or damage before you pay your movers and send them away, but it’s good to budget ahead for your tip. In other words, if your movers took extra care when lifting boxes onto the truck or carefully wrapping your grandmother’s mantel clock, then show your appreciation with a nice gratuity.